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General Information & Guidelines

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The information provided in these guidelines is in addition to that provided to students and parents in the Hampton City Schools Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Instructional Information

  • Academic Expectations – students are expected to earn and maintain a minimum of a “C” average in their classes. Students participate in all benchmark, Critical Skill Assessments and Standard of Learning (SOL) tests.

  • Academic Counseling- Bridgeport’s Academic Counselor reviews each student’s academic requirements, records and transcripts (for elementary, middle and high school students), and students are then placed in the appropriate available classes.

  • Academic Placement – Students are assigned to classes according to their grade levels, current classes, Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plans. Addendums may be made to indicate a change in placement or services. Edgenuity classes-Some high school students will be assigned to Edgenuity (online) classes.

  • Grades – Student grades are transferred from their home school and averaged with those earned at Bridgeport Academy. Bridgeport does not socially promote students to their correct grade level.

  • Meetings – Parents and guardians are encouraged to meet with teachers and other staff members to discuss their child’s academic and behavioral progress. Meetings may be requested by phone or email. Meetings will include the parent, teacher and academic coordinator.

  • Staff members may not meet or share information with outside counseling agencies without written consent from a parent or guardian.

Behavior Information

  • Substance Abuse – Students who have been assigned to Bridgeport Academy and require the successful completion of a substance abuse program, these classes may be offered through the Hampton/Newport News Community Services Board. Students may also seek counseling through approved agencies.

  • Activities – While attending Bridgeport Academy, students are not authorized to participate in activities or be on the properties of other Hampton City schools. If a student engages in inappropriate activities on other school grounds while under expulsion or long-term suspension, he or she may be charged with trespassing.

  • Attendance – Students are expected to attend Bridgeport Academy every day. If absent, a parent or guardian should call the main office or Dean of Students (757) 727-1225 or (757) 727-4949 to notify the school, and upon return, provide written verification of the absence. Students who acquire three or more absences will be placed on a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and are referred to the Office Of Student Services/School Court Liaison Officer for assistance in improving attendance. Please refer to the Hampton City Schools HERE flyer for further information.

  • Behavior – Students are to be respectful to all other students and adults in the building. Failure to follow reasonable behavioral/safety directives may result in suspension, an extension of their placement at Bridgeport Academy.

  • Bullying – As with all Hampton City schools, bullying is not permitted at Bridgeport Academy. Bullying will be reported immediately to the academic coordinator, dean, counselor, teacher, security, nurse, or school resource officer. All reports of bullying are taken seriously and are addressed immediately.

  • Chromebooks and iPads – Technology resources are available for students to use in school only. Personal devices are not allowed in school. Students may not carry computers or iPads from one class to another.

  • Cell Phones – Students are not allowed to bring or use cell phones at Bridgeport Academy. Phones are confiscated and returned to parents or guardians only. Cell phones may be picked up during school office hours only. Repeated cell phone offenses will result in suspension. Parents may not request that students be allowed to have phones returned to students. Students are allowed to make phone calls from the main office.

  • Court Involved Students – During school hours, probation, parole, outreach, and other court-affiliated representatives may meet with students. Information including student attendance, academics, grades, and behavior is provided to the courts or their representatives upon request. Students are not allowed to charge ankle monitors at school.


  • Bus/Transportation – Yellow bus transportation is provided for all Bridgeport Academy students. The following guidelines are to be followed:

*Elementary Students: Students in grades 3-5 shall sit in the front of their assigned bus to the right of the driver. They are allowed to sit only with other elementary students.

*Middle School Students: Students in grades 6-8 shall sit in the middle of their assigned bus directly behind the elementary students. They are allowed to sit only with other middle school students.

*High School Students: Students in grades 9-12 shall sit behind the middle school students on their assigned bus. They are only allowed to sit with other high school students.

  • Students must ride their assigned buses. Students will not be allowed to ride/board buses, if their name is not on the roster. Parents may not request that their child be allowed to catch other buses. Any change in address must be provided to the school secretary so that students are allowed to catch the appropriate bus.

  • Students shall be respectful at all times to the drivers and bus assistants by not using profanity or throwing objects within the bus or out of the bus windows.

  • Any student who misbehaves on the bus may be suspended from the bus for a specified period of time. Repeated misbehavior will result in permanent removal from the bus. If a student is removed from his or her bus, parents or guardians must provide transportation.


  • Security - Hampton City Schools Security Officers (SSO) and a Hampton City schools Resource Officer (SRO), protect, secure and ensure safety at Bridgeport Academy. It is expected that students adhere to the expectations and directives of these adults. Failure to do so may result in being removed by the program’s SRO.

School Expectations Information

Dress Code

  • Students are to wear dress code attire daily. Please note: students are not allowed to wear hoodies, coats, etc. during class. These items are collected, at the door and secured in a locked location. They are returned to students at dismissal.

  • Bridgeport Academy does not provide uniforms for students.

High School

    • Navy blue or black pants/skirts

    • Solid white polo style shirts

    • Belts

Middle School

    • Navy blue or black pants

    • Solid light blue polo style shirts

    • Belts

    • Navy blue or black pants

Elementary Dress Code Guidelines

    • Blue or Tan colored pants (no cargo pants allowed) or skirts

    • Solid colored polo style shirts

    • Leather or leather-like belts (please read guidelines above)

    • Solid colored sweaters or sweatshirts (No hoodies allowed)

All Students

    • Students are not allowed to wear flip-flops, sandals or slides.

    • Students are not allowed to double up on pants or wear pajamas, shorts, spandex or other pant-like clothing under their uniforms. Students are not allowed to wear printed t-shirts under their uniforms.

    • Girls may not wear bright colored undergarments under their shirts. They also may not wear sheer blouses or tight fighting pants/skirts.

    • Pants must fit at the waistline. Sagging is not allowed.

    • Shirts must be buttoned and tucked in at all times

    • No blue or black denim, jeans, or cargo style pants or skirts are allowed. Lycra, spandex and tight fitting pants and skirts are also not allowed.

    • Belts must be a solid leather or leather-like material. Belt buckles may not have messages or suggestive writing or symbols. Large belt buckles are not permitted.

    • Hoodies can not be worn in school or class. Students may wear sweaters, blazers, or solid colored blue, black or grey sweatshirts only with their uniforms in school and in class.

    • Skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee

    • Sheer, low cut tops/blouses are not allowed

  • Food/Drinks – students are not allowed to bring opened drinks to school. Lunch brought from home is held by security until lunch is served. Snacks are not allowed. Students are only allowed to eat in the cafeteria. Students with verified medical concerns may carry water and /or a snack if needed and these items will be held in the nurse’s office. Eating is not allowed in class.

  • Food Services (Breakfast/Lunch) – Student breakfast costs $.90 and $1.85 for elementary students. Middle and high school students pay $2.05. Households may qualify for free or reduced price meals. Reduced price breakfast is free and lunch costs $.40.

  • Illnesses –The school nurse verifies and reports all student illnesses to parents and guardians. Students do not self-report illnesses. Should a student report an illness, the nurse will report to the classroom to assess their needs. Students with verified illnesses are escorted to the clinic.

  • Jewelry – students are allowed to wear up to one ring on each hand. Students should not wear expensive jewelry. Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen jewelry. Students may not wear jewelry that includes inappropriate symbols or words, or jewelry that may be used as a weapon. Students are also not allowed to wear jewelry that may cause a distraction to the learning environment.

  • Medication – students are not allowed to bring medications including, but not limited to Tylenol, aspirin, medications for menstrual cramps, or prescription medications to school. Parents with students who require medication will need a HCS form completed by their doctor to give the school nurse. The school nurse may not dispense some medications to students.

  • Money - Except for lunch money, students should not bring money to Bridgeport Academy. Parents are encouraged to pay for lunch in the cafeteria or online. Parents will be notified in advance if money is required for any school related activities.

If students bring over $5.00 to school, the money will be placed in an envelope, which will indicate the amount, and be signed by the student and academic coordinator. The money is secured until parent or guardian picks it up. Money will not be returned to the student.

  • Photographs – Updated photos are taken of all students. These photographs are used for student identification.

  • McKinney Vento – families who participate in the McKinney Vento program should speak privately with our secretary, dean of students or the academic coordinator to ensure appropriate services are provided. Participation in this program is verified through the Hampton City Schools Social Work Department.

  • Student Hours – 8:20 a.m.-3:09 p.m.

  • Supplies – Teachers will provide students with a school supply list. Elementary students may use backpacks. All middle and high school students use zipper binders.

  • Trading/Sharing Items/Selling Items Misc. – Students are not allowed to bring items to school to sell, buy, or trade. This includes, but is not limited to, sneakers, jewelry, electronic devices players, ties, belts, toys, games, etc.

  • Other: During school Bridgeport Academy students are not allowed to communicate with or hangout with students attending the Adult Education, GED, and Homebound services program.

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