Ms. Johnson
Guidance Counselor

The Bridgeport Academy Guidance Department seeks to assist students in achieving academic success in school by acquiring skills and resources for future lifelong success.

The Bridgeport Academy Guidance Department will assist students with academic planning and help students prepare for post-secondary education, training, and employment in order to become responsible citizens upon completion of high school.

We believe that students must acquire respect for self and others and gain useful skills and knowledge in order to become good citizens, and that our interactions with students should model responsibility, good decision-making skills, professionalism, integrity, honesty, initiative and communication.

Create a secure and nurturing environment for all students.
Assist students with gaining skills to promote learning and achievement.
Develop relationships between parents, teachers, and students.
Disseminate resource information to students and parents on post secondary options, careers and other training.
Refer students to the appropriate places for assistance.
 Use strategies that include conflict resolution, facilitation, problem solving, and decision-making models.