Medications given by the school nurse must be in a properly labeled prescription bottle accompanied by a current doctor’s order on the Hampton City School’s “Medication Request Form”.

Medical Request Form



Students may not possess medication at any time during school hours or activities. Exceptions may be made for those students who require certain inhaled asthma medications, self-injected epinephrine, or other emergency medication.  Student possession of such emergency medications shall require an additional form signed by a physician, parent, student, and the school nurse.  Students who abuse this privilege may lose the ability to carry and self-administer medications.

Authorization to Carry and Self-Administer Medications SBO 28 pdf


If your child has a potentially life threatening health condition such as asthma, diabetes, seizures, and/or allergies to foods or insect stings that require emergency medications, please have your child’s physician complete a school health emergency care plan and contact the school nurse to discuss school management plan. These various emergency care plans forms are available on the Hampton City Schools Health Services website:

HCS Health Services